About V.360

The Veteran 360° program is designed to serve the needs of our veterans holistically. During their service years everything was taken into consideration and information came from a primary source. Once our service men and women returned to civilian life the process has drastically changed. There are many people offering assistance, however the structure for the dissemination of information has been eliminated and the Veteran and/or their family often feels as if they are on their own. For medical care the VA is available, however if you are employed with medical benefits which should you choose? If you are experiencing uncertainty in your family life, what is the best place to go for help? If your house is up for foreclosure; is there any special assistance? If you have a business idea how do you proceed? If you have started a business, but find yourself struggling, do you need personal development programs, mentoring program, mastermind group unique to veterans, business assessment or new business strategies?

To search for all the answers is overwhelming. Maxser has a growing number of strategic partners ready to bring their expertise, governmental programs, faith-base support, and family & spouse support. The beauty of this program is that it has been developed with an organic structure, which grows based on the needs of the participants. If we find there is a need for brick layers or technology professionals, we will work to partner with trainers as well as the business owners who need the staff. If daycare is a problem during training hours, we will work with partners to create win-win scenarios. We understand that there may be those we cannot service within the program. Our goal is to have external partners to refer to meet those needs as well.

After serving our country with honor, no one should be left behind without options. There are opportunities available to veterans all over, our role is to not just give them a list, but a set of keys, resources and skills to open every door needed for success.